How to complete a training or a test

In case you are visiting our website for the first time and you want to avoid stress from the organization of the individual parts and elements while doing the test, we offer you the option of a tutorial test with explanations. This section should help you understand the interface, which you will be using. Please pay attention to all the parts and options which should inform you or help you with completing individual questions.


The first information after entering the training or the test are its propositions and conditions of completing.


The next step is the launch (generating) of the training or the test itself. After launching the test, you can find the information bar. Its purpose is to to inform you in which exercise or test you are, inform about the person who can complete the training or the test. The other features of the information bar is the time limit, information about the number of the completed questions and the information about the number of marked questions. The question itself together with the options are always the main part of the page shown. The possibility to move between the questions is provided either by the means of the selection menu or by using the buttons “Previous” / ”Next” in the bottom right corner. The training or the test can be closed at any phase while filling it out by the button in the bottom left part, which will transfer you to the section of sending and leaving the training or the test.


In the section of sending and leaving, you can still return to filling out the training or the test. Therefore, the last step, which irretrievably finishes your work, is the button “Sending and Leaving the whole training or test”


Please go through the visual help for completing the training or a test very carefully in order not to be surprised or shocked by its structure and interface.


Help, how to complete a test